Warriors rise to glory. Warriors: Rise to Glory! Online Multiplayer Open Beta on Steam

After full launch, you will be able to continue playing a lite version of Warriors: Rise to Glory! Online Multiplayer through this free application Fight different enemies in the arena, choosing between over 50 weapons and various sets of armor, with challenging modes and a variety of power-ups and traps
Glory LeaderboardTime to say goodbye to the old Survival Leaderboard and say hello to the new Glory Leaderboard! There is a dull tavern dice game to play where you can make wagers to earn more coins but it feels divorced from the rest of the game and undercooked this is a beta after all With each victory, you gain XP to improve your stats and acquire new skills — tailored to your unique fighting style

These crowd attacks deal damage, reduce your opponents crowd meter, and at its highest level inflicts a short stun.

Warriors Rise to Glory! Multiplayer Beta
About This Game This is a FREE open beta version of the Multiplayer game, available for a limited time! We plan to hold an Early Access period of about 3-4 months for Warriors: Rise to Glory! Actually more like a Babality or Friendship because these finishing moves are also meant to be brutal but funny
Warriors Rise to Glory! Multiplayer Beta
Get revenge on those who slaughtered your ancestors! Sadly, in the meantime we had to sacrifice something very important to us: the opportunity of being in touch with all of you through social media
Warriors: Rise to Glory! Online Multiplayer Open Beta on Steam
During this weekend only, August 21st to 24th, everyone can participate in the special multiplayer weekend playtest and try it out FOR FREE and against the developers
Fight in duels and tournaments, and please the crowds, so they help you defeating your adversaries Twitter: gizmoboaks Hangouts: Beavercountyemt Skype: Ben
We know that some of you wondered whether the game has progressed during this period, and we are sorry for not keeping more in touch on our main store page The biggest difference I found that the matches took much longer to complete since you have to trek across a larger area to meet your opponent


Warriors: Rise to Glory! on Steam
Warriors Rise to Glory! Multiplayer Beta
See you soon in the Indiekingdom, warrior! Don't miss it by following and adding the store page to your wishlist right now! Use your hard-earned money to buy all kinds of weapons and armor
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Online Multiplayer through the free application above
Here at Gavra Games Studios we are working hard as always on improving the game, Adding features, Squashing bugs, and especially - working on the much anticipated online multiplayer mode of Warriors: Rise to Glory! Offers a strange mix of lite-strategy, adolescent humor, and rogue-like progression that somehow works
Use your hard-earned money to buy all kinds of weapons and armor — from just a wooden barrel to the mighty armor of a dark elf! Please let us know of anything that went wrong so that we may fix it before the launch of the game GemsNew item type - Gems! Now you can compete with Warriors all around the globe on who has the strongest lineage and warrior! Each decision in battle results in great reward or lasting consequences for your game, you have formed strong alliances, but the fallout and betrayal that comes in combat cannot be restored, watch your back and keep your friends close but your enemies closer! Here is a taste of things to come : We have a lot of plans for the multiplayer version and we will regularly share more information with you as soon as we can

If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development.

Warriors: Rise to Glory! on Steam
It is because we are working very hard to bring you the ABSOLUTELY EPIC CRAZY Online experience you ever had No exaggeration here :
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It retains much of the mechanics of the 1v1 and 2v2 battles but in this mode you view the battle arena from a high isometric view
Warriors: Rise to Glory! on Steam
And finally, you will encounter different quests where you'll have to make decisions with different consequences