G2a. What Is G2A, and Is It Safe to Buy From?

In December 2016, G2A revealed Blunt Force, a -themed VR shooter game developed in collaboration with Mark Bristol, a writer whose credits include and , as well as , and As of 2020, it has over 20 million users
I submitted a negative review for the seller that scammed me and it is not showing up on the seller's page If you are looking for a great way to buy cheap games, is a great place

G2A automatically washes their hands of any responsibility and they expect you to deal with the seller directly.

It's easy to mistake DLC for a cheap version of the main game
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Mat G2A Team I just ordered an Xbox, they withdrew the money right away from my account but then I got a mail saying my transaction has been declined and I have to wait 28! Rather, it's closer to eBay, offering a platform for people to sell unused codes for a small fee
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Please continue the communication in your MBG ticket
G2A Loot is nothing new and like with casino, here also house always wins In case of any issue it's best to contact the seller directly and if the seller won't solve the problem we offer Money Back Guarantee program which is free of charge
G2A Land has subsequently been renamed to Summer Funland Remember that a game developer has the right to remove illegal keys published by anyone

I hope you can now understand the position here.

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But, I never got scammed when purchasing any product
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G2A Loot is legit website
Due to a lack of interest from developers, as well as fluctuations in market trends, the company's business model changed from retailer to marketplace