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Business Class: This class is designed to meet the requirements of business owners by providing them with the convenience of having a practical task or the possibility of work and completion on the flight This decade has seen a further consolidation of the status of the "Saudi Airlines" between the airlines in the Middle East and the world, continuing to open new destinations domestically and internationally, booking offices around the world, the development of systems for the establishment and cancellation of reservations, and the development of the "hospitality" class rather than the traditional economy class to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its first launch in 1995
Any airline requires substantial start-up capital and experts warn that if Saudi Arabia's ambition is to compete on transit flights it may have to contend with years of losses ~ Ibn Battuta Travel awakens your senses and sets you free like nothing else

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In addition, Business class are allowed one laptop bag with dimensions of not more than 36 cm
EXCLUSIVE New Saudi airline plan takes aim at Emirates, Qatar Airways
Data current as of October 2006
New Saudi airline plan takes aim at Emirates, Qatar Airways
The exit of the airport is also on the ground floor
In addition, Business class passengers are offered free meals on board The contract for the airport expansion project was signed with a national company in June 2006 at a cost of SR188 million
It is owned by National Holding Company for air services, NAS Holding Travellers on Economy class to Cairo are allowed to check-in 30 kgs

So far: This decade witnessed the focus of the activity of the "Saudi Arabian Airlines" to become more modern and up to the age, based on a long history of experience and development that qualified it to achieve qualitative leaps, where it launched the "World of Saudi Arabia" for tourism, and turned to booking system "Amadeus" which forms a qualitative leap in the level of services, focused on sending student groups to study aviation sciences, joined the Sky Team Global Alliance, revamped its visual identity and new personality, its General Directorate of Training was accredited as a regional training center for IATA.

The Saudi Airlines has started a phase-out program to privatize its services
EXCLUSIVE New Saudi airline plan takes aim at Emirates, Qatar Airways
Saudi Arabian Airlines and the Alliance of Common Code This alliance aims to coordinate the flights of businessman so that two or more airlines participate in the same flight
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