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OSN Play a All customers with a valid subscription to OSN and who are eligible and who are direct OSN subscribers ie not cable OSN subscribers may create a MyOSN Account Definitions In this Contract: Additional Conditions: additional terms which vary or supplement these Conditions with respect to the MyOSN account created pursuant to acceptance of these Conditions
c The Cancellation Fee may be waived by OSN at its sole discretion If there is any inconsistency between these Conditions and the Additional Conditions, the Additional Conditions shall prevail

The OSN Play account shall automatically be terminated on the termination of a Subscription Service.

Redefining Title Solutions
Every day you will find us working hand in hand with our customers to find the right solution to ensure timely and efficient real estate closings
Wavo: User Management
Experience the OSN Advantage: National platform with local expertise Our mission is to offer title and settlement services on a national basis with a high-touch, boutique service model
Wavo: User Management
You must not tamper with your Smart Card or other Equipment or use them for anything we do not authorize
This information may include: the browser being used such as Netscape, Internet Explorer etc b This Contract is personal to you and no third party is entitled to benefit under this Contract except pursuant to clause 15 a above
The Software in the Set Top Box remains OSN property e You are solely responsible for keeping your MY OSN Account username and password confidential and you are responsible for all activity that occurs under your MyOSN and OSN Play Account

g OSN may suspend or terminate your access to the OSN Play service without notice at any time or may suspend or terminate your OSN subscription if in its sole discretion your use of OSN Play is in excess of what amounts as fair usage of the OSN Play Service or if in its reasonable opinion you are using your MyOSN Account and OSN Play in violation of any of the Terms and Conditions contained herein.

Wavo: User Management
d The Smart Card is embedded with a unique identification number that we can use to identify any unauthorized use of the Service or illegal copying of programming or Channels
Redefining Title Solutions
, computer, printer participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication