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Roblox customer support will respond to you via email My accounts got terminated 2 times for something I never said nor did, when I tried contacting customer support all I got was copy and paste responses, and bs responses
I then go to report this to Roblox by their form that they have Contacting it again would most likely leave them met with the same answer, as it is what happens with nearly all of Roblox Support failed tickets

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Roblox Reviews
Original issue My issue was my game not appearing upon game search, this was the initial response, pretty useless but not the worst
How long does it usually take for ROBLOX Support to reply to your e
Place customization is performed by Roblox Studio program
I then realised I had put a pin-up for extra security, I also realised I have forgotten the pin code Those two sentences lead the user to believe Support does not care, and is now effectively ignoring their request
Example: Sometimes if you write a number everything works fine, but other times the number will get blocked from the filter This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness

Its headquarters is based in San Mateo, California, USA.

3 Ways to Contact Roblox
Gamers can also use custom plugins or create their own ones to change the game environment
Roblox Reviews
Luckily, our Customer Service team is highly trained in assisting our users and finding solutions to their problems in a timely manner
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However, after doing more digging etc
If this still doesn't work, try finding some other email addresses that could possibly be linked to the account for example any other ones that your child might've used when creating the account Be as detailed as possible
Games on Roblox The front page of Roblox is complete trash most of the time And remember: there is no such thing as a free prize for filling out a survey or free models for your place if you share your password

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Roblox Reviews
Roblox Reviews
My daughter is gutted, as she has just wasted a months worth of Pocket Money with nothing to show