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1 port, and Auto Low Latency Mode ALLM The Samsung QN85A is an excellent TV for watching sports
The overall brightness of scenes is spot on, as bright as intended, and very bright highlights pop The Samsung QN85A is amazing for watching TV shows

Unlike most other Samsung models and competitors, the QN85A barring the 85 inch version uses an ADS panel, which is very similar to IPS panels.

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The Samsung QN85A is good for watching movies in HDR
After charging is complete, the light bar turns off
With Game Mode on, FreeSync is automatically enabled, and it works well and has a very wide VRR range
For instance, in 'Dynamic', we measured a contrast of 9243:1, 9409:1 in 'PC' mode, and 20,019:1 with Game Mode enabled The is a bit better than the Samsung QN85A QLED, but as they use different panel technologies, which is better depends on your viewing conditions
When the button blinks, your mic is muted, and sound output to all speakers turned off The color temperature is closer to our target but is now on the cooler side

Most colors are very close to perfect and white balance is fantastic.

سعر ومواصفات بلاي ستيشن 5 PS في مصر والسعودية النسخة الديجيتال وأسطوانات
That said, the Q80T has issues with local dimming in 'Game' mode, whereas the QN85A doesn't and its contrast is better than the native contrast suggests thanks to local dimming with actual content
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To get a low input lag in 'PC' mode, you have to enable Game Mode as well
سعر ومواصفات بلاي ستيشن 5 PS في مصر والسعودية النسخة الديجيتال وأسطوانات
If you want a similar TV with a VA panel, then check out the