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Eventually Pharez was declared the rightful heir, and from him descended the official branch of the Tribe of Judah and the Davidic Royal House Ultimately, people like you come and go
Why is this particular birth singled out for such special attention? History and tradition records that they divided into two or more groups which then fled across the Mediterranean Sea from Egypt in different directions However, it could be argued that this "outgoing of the people of Israel" refers to the fall of Israel and the deportation of the Ten Tribes to Assyria, rather than the exodus of Israel from Egypt

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Zara under fire after designer model lectures on Israel: 'My children with death threats'
In this article we have presented evidence of the ancient usage of the Red Hand as the emblem of Ulster, and its use in much of the rest of Ireland and in Scotland
The Modern Descendants of Zara
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The Modern Descendants of Zara
If you came out in a Muslim country, you would be stoned
After living seven years in Egypt, Gathelus fled the land at the outset of the plagues and traveled westward to a land known today as Spain, where he settled for a number of years This is something they would be very UNLIKELY to do unless they themselves were Israelites
Afterward his brother came out who had the scarlet thread on his hand Backing these types of comments from your designers? Therefore, by their use of the Red Hand, some of the people of Scotland also point to their Israelitish origins as descendants of the Zara branch of the Tribe of Judah

Dardanus With these things in mind, let us now turn to that other part of Zara's descendants which fled out of Egypt under the leadership of another of Zara's great-grandsons called Darda.

Zara condemns Jewish designer for lashing at model who called Israel evil
I emailed Zara to demand that disciplinary action be taken and this was their dismal response
Zara condemns Jewish designer for lashing at model who called Israel evil
Now how did Zara and his descendants react to what they, undoubtedly, considered a wrong decision that robbed them of their rightful inheritance? Zara decides the matter is settled
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Still later, in a rampant standing on the hind legs with both forelegs elevated posture and with a crown, it became the symbol of the two-tribed House and Kingdom of Judah