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Add maps to articles in So the more the merrier
Please feel free to improve it but not put personal opinions on the article saying the newspaper is racist towards certain people Again, if you don't like the fact that some people don't like Yedioth or Ynetnews, have the article deleted

I am not referring to Yedioth in that way - most chareidim do.

From : " it represents mostly the secular centrists and moderate left-wingers, as these are the expressed views of its most senior writers"
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I don't see any POV in that, it's just a plain fact
They all have a similar feature, and all of them had it LONG before Ynetnews was even founded I'm not talking about this supposed 'problem' itself - I am talking about the language
You wrote plain lies to make Ynetnews look better than it is This is the hard hitting, fast paced news that represents the Jewish nation in an un bias frame so that truth about Israel is represented in the media

If you don't like that fact, have the article deleted.

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For two years, Ynet had also an Arabic version, which ceased to operate in May 2005
This is just one example of a point where you inserted obviously untrue information
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Instead of deleting, we can delete out the plain advertisements and add some widely voiced criticisms It regularly features renowned Yedioth commentators such as , , , Smadar Perry, , Shimon Shiffer, and Ariana Melamed
And you most definitely were making this look like a commercial in its initial version Not even or are bloated like this

Ynetnews is the filthiest thing on the Israeli part of the web unless we take Reform Christian, oops, I mean 'Jewish' websites into account.

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Since 2008, Ynet is Israel's most popular internet portal, as measured by
There is no other substitute for the best Israel news on the web
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