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3 Please be aware that time options for international Express shipments can only be booked in the Online Franking and not in the retail outlet HoneyMyte is primarily interested in gathering geopolitical and economic intelligence in Asia and Africa
Insights and Innovation To enable collaboration, the company brings together customers, research and academic institutions, industry partners, and logistics experts within the DHL business divisions Russian Federation Zone 5: USA• Kaspersky experts attribute LuminousMoth to the HoneyMyte threat group, a well-known, long-standing, Chinese-speaking threat actor, with medium to high confidence

United Kingdom excluding Channel Islands Zone 3: Non-EU Europe• It provides an estimate of the costs to shop and ship your parcels globally to your home address in Kuwait.

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Initial infection occurs via spear-phishing emails containing a malicious Word document; once downloaded on one system, the malware can then spread to other hosts through removable USB drives
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China Zone 8: rest of the world• Saudi Arabia Prohibited and Restricted Items FedEx Cross Border is unable to ship and non-approved items on behalf of its customers
2 Your shipment is heavier than 31 You do not need any customs documents for dispatch to EU countries from Germany
All countries and territories not assigned to zones 1 to 7 All of the above is available within the Kaspersky Expert Security framework

To stay safe from advanced threat campaigns like LuminousMoth, Kaspersky experts recommend:• We very much look forward to a productive cooperation.

Saudi Arabia Prohibited and Restricted Items
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The attackers typically gain an initial foothold in the system through a spear-phishing email with a Dropbox download link
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Once downloaded on a system, the malware attempts to infect other hosts by spreading through removable USB drives