Xbox series s. Xbox Series S

Several video and streaming media services will be available through the system software on the consoles' launch; notably, it will be the first time that will be available on Xbox consoles 8 GHz, or when SMT is used, at 3
It is intended to render games nominally at , with support for a 4K , at 60 frames per second, although it can go as high at 120 frames per second at this resolution 1 port USB: 3x USB 3

As of May 2021, about 97 games were updated to support FPS Boost.

Xbox Series X and Series S
Go all-digital and enjoy disc-free, next-gen gaming with the smallest Xbox console ever made
Xbox Series X and Series S
Microsoft started testing the Auto HDR feature to Windows-compatible games in March 2021 for computers that meet minimal requirements supported through DirectX
Xbox Series S
They include all the same key buttons as the past controllers: two analog joysticks that can be depressed, a , four action buttons, two system buttons "View" and "Menu" , the main Xbox home button, two grip triggers left and right and two shoulder buttons left and right
By March 2019, further industry rumors had led to speculation of two consoles under the Scarlett family under codenames "Anaconda" and the low-cost "Lockhart" version from the original on October 28, 2020
Microsoft is not restricting the ability for developers to release games that are exclusive to Xbox Series X Not valid on prior orders or purchases; cannot be transferred or otherwise redeemed for cash or promo code s

Next-gen performance in the smallest Xbox ever.

Xbox Series S
Pei, Annie April 30, 2020
Xbox Series X and Series S
Rumors regarding the consoles first emerged in early 2019, with the line as a whole codenamed "Scarlett", and consisting of high-end and lower-end models codenamed "Anaconda" and "Lockhart" respectively
Xbox Series S
from the original on June 25, 2020