Sony x90h. Sony X900H 55

The Sony X90J supports eARC on the HDMI 3 port 2 device on current input" and then the TV would freeze up, go blank and become unresponsive followed by a screen of black and white horizontal lines
The Hisense has higher peak brightness, and small highlights in some scenes stand out more in HDR Never during HDR movies or normal content

The X90J also gets a lot brighter in both SDR and HDR.

Sony XBR
Even out of the box the performance in the ColorChecker analysis was very good with an average delta error of 1
Sony X900H Review (XBR55X900H, XBR65X900H, XBR75X900H, XBR85X900H)
Reading the news can help you distinguish between fact and fiction
Sony XBR
The Sony X90J can interpolate low frame rate content up to 120Hz to make motion appear more fluid
Sony X90J UI Sony has been helming Android TV OS since the beginning of Smart TVs and now the brand is shifting to Google TV Updated May 07, 2021: Fixed a mistake with the judder settings and confirmed proper 4:4:4 with 4k 120Hz
Of course, the Android TV aspect is also a great selling point here You can easily pull the borders from the screen, but this shouldn't be an issue for most people

Having said all of that - I'm blown away by this TV's performance.

Sony X90J Review (XR50X90J, XR55X90J, XR65X90J, XR75X90J)
New for 2020, you can customize the input menu, and the TV settings menus have clear explanations of the effects of different adjustments, complete with illustrations
Sony X90J Review (XR50X90J, XR55X90J, XR65X90J, XR75X90J)
Updated Mar 01, 2021: We previously indicated that 1440p 60Hz is supported natively, it is not
Sony X900H Review (XBR55X900H, XBR65X900H, XBR75X900H, XBR85X900H)
Not much has changed from its predecessor, the , except that it has a higher contrast ratio, gets significantly brighter in HDR, and its local dimming feature performs a bit better
The X900H uses a VA panel with a high contrast ratio and full-array local dimming, gets brighter and has more features, and has a slightly faster response time Sony X90J comes with XR HDR Remaster, XR Contrast Booster and Dynamic Contrast Enhancer while Sony X900H comes with Object-based HDR remaster, X-tended Dynamic Range and Dynamic Contrast Enhancer
Overall, the remote is well built, functional and works well I feel like my living room is my edit bay and this is the reference monitor

It is this long strip of plastic with loads of buttons on it.

Sony X90J vs X900H : Is Sony X90J a Better Choice?
However, the X900H has a higher contrast ratio since it doesn't have the 'X-Wide Angle' layer and it has a lower input lag
Sony X900H/XH90 4K HDR TV review
On the weekends I'm a regular joe with a remote control and snacks that wants to watch some TV and wants it to look "correct"
Sony scrubs VRR and ALLM upgrade from X900H / X90H TV support pages
With zones of LEDs lit independently, Full Array LED provides more realistic contrast by making light areas lighter and dark areas darker