Nurse with love. nurses and erections question

We recognize the struggles of nursing In the silence and the darkness, When no eye may see or know, There her footsteps shod with mercy and fleet kindness, come and go
The patient reaches out to you by showing kindness and interest in you as a person, and you, in turn, fall for the patient We are human, and there are no restrictions on when and where cupid decides to shoot his arrows

Assignment By Kim Jordan RN I have nine patients, you are but one I will walk five miles before I am done Tiptoeing in and out of the rooms Darkened and quiet like silent tombs I try not to wake you, for there is no time When trying to divide eight hours by nine.

Being a Christian Nurse
40 Nurse Quotes On Caring And Compassion That Heals
Some people will curse or bless you
40 Nurse Quotes On Caring And Compassion That Heals
We will one day be there, too! Remember this poem when you next meet an old person who you might brush aside without looking at the young soul within
Not enough to inflict any pain, just enough to minimize embarrassment for all parties
They fulfill me, and I help provide them with the care they deserve I did not ask for the fight

Sometimes we cry cause we can't save them all, God sometimes won't let us interfere when he calls.

8 Core Values of Nursing
But there are things they can't do to me As they insult my dignity Oh there are things they can't do to me They can't take away my memories My Roles through this life cement my presence With withered mind they call senescence I am rich in culture, wisdom and knowledge That medical people can't learn in college I am a mother, a sister, a historian, a wife I have mastered many roles throughout my life I created warm meals in my day I wiped my children's tears away I cared for a close knit family Who look up to and value me And now I master another role Dependent patient with golden soul If just one of "them" would sit with me I'd share with them this history And if one would stay awhile I'd teach them that I'm still God's child
40 Nurse Quotes On Caring And Compassion That Heals
This was his tribute to the students
Nursing Poems
We transferred him onto the stretcher and I made him cozy in his blankets