Lg cx. LG C1 vs LG CX: which is the best LG OLED TV?

It's a great choice for any type of use, and it's excellent for gaming It also has FreeSync support and G-SYNC compatibility to reduce screen tearing when gaming
NOTE: You must actually turn the TV off, sleep mode doesn't fix it It also has better color accuracy, higher peak brightness, and wider viewing angles

Either way you're not going to want to see cables dangling down the wall after mounting your beautiful, expensive TV.

The LG CX OLED covers nearly all of the DCI P3 color space used in most HDR content and has good coverage of the wider Rec
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Soundwise it is also not worth it, because I use an Klipsch 5
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Dark scenes thus look much more consistently natural, immersive and consistent
The LG CX OLED is outstanding for watching movies Free shipping to qualifying US destinations in the contiguous United States; not available for P
Right now I am running 4k60 for movies and 1440p120 for most games See for the settings that control the motion interpolation feature

The Dolby Vision IQ and AI Brightness Control features do a pretty effective job of compensating for ambient light, but they can't push the brightness past it limits — ultimately a significantly brighter LCD screen such as the or will break though the sun's effect better.

LG CX 65
I tried using the HDMI eArc plug which failed as it always has same lack of success on my previous TV
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Enabling Screen Shift option, and setting Logo Luminance Adjustment to 'Low' may help with this
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You'll want to pick up one of the to complete the experience, though