Best action movies on netflix. The Best Action Movies On Netflix You Should Watch (May 2021)

The film also made stars, or at least elevated the standing, of several of its cast members The Night Comes for Us 2018 The Night Comes For Us Director: Timo Tjahjanto Some of these movies feature a few bruises
Take those themes on if you want, or just relax with one of the most inventive action films on this list But when he makes an unfortunate encounter with a motorcycle gang and its menacing leader, the Toecutter, his retreat from the madness of the world is now a race for his family's life

This Netflix original follows five former Special Forces operatives as they attempt to pull off a dangerous heist in South America.

20 Best Action Movies on Netflix (2019, 2020)
Luckily, Netflix has a fun mix of action movies of all kind, from post-apocalyptic dispatches to high-stakes crime thrillers
23 Best Netflix action movies to watch right now
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23 Best Netflix action movies to watch right now
Planet Hulk follows the Hulk after he is ejected from the earth in a spaceship and crash-lands on an alien planet
Raizo also finds an ally in Europol agent Mike Coretti Naomie Harris , even though her superiors may not be on their side Director: Paul Verhoeven Main Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sharon Stone, Michael Ironside Runtime: 113 minutes IMDb Rating: Mad Max 1979 In a dismal near-future, a small and broken police force in muscle cars is the only establishment of law, but they are challenged by a wandering biker gang of maniacs who think they own the world
A battleship that's on its way to being decommissioned is commandeered by a group of terrorists led by a CIA operative Set 10 years after the events of the original "Terminator," "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" sees Sarah Connor and her 10-year-old son John Connor on the run from the T-1000 — a new, more advanced Terminator from the future

A movie for the whole family to watch together.

30 Best Action Movies On Netflix [July 2021]
Cut from 1970s cloth, Grillo is an old-school everyman tough guy; a real blue-collar badass
The Best Action Movies on Netflix Right Now (July 2021)
Al Pacino burns up the screen as Tony Montana, the drug lord of Miami, in this fiendishly stylised ultimate gangster movie
20 Best Action Movies To Watch On Netflix
Not to be confused with the documentary film with the same name released the same year, "Mosul" highlights the heroes fighting for freedom in Iraq
From director Timo Tjhajanto, this Netflix action pic is packed to the brim with bloody, brutal combat Andy reluctantly takes Nile under her wing as previously unknown enemies close in on them
After he takes in his 11-year-old son Max for the summer, the pair discover an old defunct robot named Atom and fix him up, after which he ends up being one of the top-performing robots in the ring The story follows Scott Pilgrim, an aspiring bass guitarist, as he falls for a girl named Ramona Flowers

It also manages to build a ridiculously fun action flick on Netflix around that.

20 Best Action Movies on Netflix (2019, 2020)
Director: Sam Liu Main Cast: Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, Tara Strong Runtime: 116 minutes IMDb Rating: Martial Arts Ip Man 2008 The Ip Man series is the story of the real-life Chinese martial artist, Ip Man also known as Yip Man , who is credited with bringing the practice of Wing Chun to the global stage
Best Action Movies on Netflix Right Now (July 2021)
The explosions, the car chases, the high-stakes heists, the crazy fight choreography — all the hallmarks of a cinematic adrenaline rush
The Best Action Movies On Netflix You Should Watch (May 2021)
When highly trained terrorists launch a bold daytime attack on the White House, the building is overrun and President Benjamin Asher Aaron Eckhart and his staff are taken hostage