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As OzHarvest grew, Ronni and a team of pro-bono lawyers lobbied state governments to amend legislation allowing potential food donors to give their surplus food to charities without fear of liability תגיעי עם התכשיט לאחד הסניפים שלנו, תשלחי אלינו את התכשיט באמצעות דואר רשום או לחילופין צרי איתנו קשר לתאום שליח שיאסוף את התכשיט ממך בעלות סמלית בטלפון או ב-WhatsApp למספר
 Shared with the humour, warmth and energy that have made her an internationally renowned keynote speaker, this heartfelt exploration of the choices that define us will speak to anyone seeking a more passionate expression of being alive Knowing that millions of people were going hungry, she knew this was something that had to be fixed

She appears regularly in national media, serves in an advisory capacity to government and is a keynote speaker all over the world.

#23 Ronni Kahn: Feeder, community
Every one of these paths have informed the way I work and has taught me so much
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 Hand delivering the untouched food to homeless shelters around Sydney became her renegade solution
Roni Khan Jewelry
As a leader in the fields of entrepreneurship, management and innovation, I am so curious and excited about enabling new ideas into the world - things that bring value and create impact
In 2019, Damon released his second feature documentary, 2040, which imagines how our future world would look if all the best environmental solutions that exist today were implemented right now
She is the author of the children's book Lenny and the Ants and the poetry collection MADRE, which was inspired by the birth of her son, Lev Through our education programs and our advocacy work, we hope to inspire others to change behaviour and help reach the national target of halving food waste by 2030

A Repurposed Life is the story of how Ronni found her voice, her heart and her deepest calling.

Who we are
 About the Book As the owner of a successful events company, throwing away huge volumes of leftover food at the end of the day came with the territory
Who we are
Ronni Khan is founder and CEO of the food rescue organisation OzHarvest, and leads hundreds of staff and thousands of volunteers with the goal to nourish Australia
#23 Ronni Kahn: Feeder, community
Her memoir published by Murdoch Books Australia is available from late September 2020