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Use your notes to write brief summaries at each point Would you like to use it? Unit 5: Do You Really Need It• What kind of exotic animals can you see in parks or zoos? For animals in the wild, each day is a struggle to survive
We need to get another car Unit 4: The World of TV• Then complete the questionnaire at the end of the text with your own ideas

Where did the incident take place? What would you do if you bought a computer that had a lot of defects? 1- what did you buy? How old do you think they are? Rags to Riches Simple Present Tense Use the simple present tense for facts and things that are true in general.

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Your best friend is not at school today
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B : rewrite the sentences with the new beginning using indirect questions
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3- how many fish did you catch? 3- where is the bys stop? answer : they like the blue car
The Gender Divide Kevin Shields is the host of the show 2- who is going to school with maria? What Will They Think of Next Think about a person you admire who could be a role model for you and your friends
answer : i bought a skirt and a pair of shoes when i went shopping answer : i caught five fish yesterday

New drivers tend to get more stressed and frightened when dealing with a dangerous situation.

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H Complete the conversation with the phrases from the box
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Is there an explicit description of the people involved? A TV antenna is difficult to tune in
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Allow time for questions afterward
Read the text and answer the questions What kind of people do you think they are? Have you ever made a mistake that has turned out for the best? answer : tom goes jogging in the morning
I am afraid I must on you turning off your mobile phones in the classroom Can you any good Thai restaurants in the area C This one is so old! What impact did it have on the writer? Use the present simple with exclamations with Here…! Present your poster in class


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4- where do you usually go during the summer? Unit 3: What Will They Think of Next? A satellite dish is more difficult
حل كتاب الانجليزي ثالث ثانوي مقررات كتاب الطالب
The plot of the sequel is less intriguing
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: Q: Can I have the check, please? Q: Dad, can I borrow your cell phone, please? Two Is Better Than One Read the situations and make deductions