Alfred the great. Why was Alfred the Great One of Only Two Kings Named ‘Great’ in English History?

Although Alfred founded monasteries at Athelney and Shaftesbury, these were the first new monastic houses in Wessex since the beginning of the eighth century The failure to comply with this royal order was to be punished by loss of office
The chronicles continue well into and nine interrelated manuscripts have survived in whole or part The resulting power vacuum stirred other power-hungry warlords eager to take his place in the following years

In 883, exempted the Saxon quarter in Rome from taxation, probably in return for Alfred's promise to send alms annually to Rome, which may be the origin of the medieval tax called.

King Alfred the Great 849
When Æthelwulf succeeded, he appointed his eldest son Æthelstan as sub-king of Kent
King Alfred the Great 849
Their children were , who married ; , Alfred's successor as king; , abbess of ; , who married , count of ; and
Why was Alfred the Great One of Only Two Kings Named ‘Great’ in English History?
In 1999 there was great excitement when archaeologists found the foundations of abbey buildings, and then human bone — but it proved to be that of an elderly woman who had suffered from painful arthritis
Lashing the Viking boats to their own, the English crew boarded and proceeded to kill the Vikings In the seventh week after Easter 4—10 May 878 , around , Alfred rode to east of where he was met by "all the people of Somerset and of and of that part of which is on this side of the sea that is, west of , and they rejoiced to see him"
He may have earned this title in part by defending his kingdom against the Vikings and for his efforts in improving education Finding their position in mainland Europe precarious, they crossed to England in 330 ships in two divisions

A charter of King Edward's reign described him as the king's brother — mistakenly according to Keynes and Lapidge, and in the view of , he probably was an illegitimate son of King Alfred.

Alfred the Great: 10 Major Accomplishments
This is also the period in which almost all chroniclers agree that the Saxon people of pre-unification England submitted to Alfred
Why was Alfred the Great One of Only Two Kings Named ‘Great’ in English History?
Alfred's only known sister, , married , king of the midland kingdom of in 853
King Alfred the Great 849
Nonetheless the consensus remains that they were part of the Alfredian programme of translation
Before digging started, prayers were led at the site by the bishop of Basingstoke, Peter Hancock, the rector Cliff Bannister and Canon Paul Townsend of the Roman Catholic diocese of Portsmouth Most historians think that Osburh was the mother of all Æthelwulf's children, but some suggest that the older ones were born to an unrecorded first wife
The Great Heathen Army splits as retires to The victorious fleet was surprised when attempting to leave the River Stour and was attacked by a Danish force at the mouth of the river

Details of his life are described in a work by 9th-century Welsh scholar and bishop.

King Alfred the Great 849
Alfred was an excellent listener and had an incredible memory and he retained poetry and psalms very well
Alfred the Great: 10 Major Accomplishments
Although Alfred only ruled Wessex, it was his dream that eventually one King would rule all of England
Alfred the Great
Alfred had been on his way to relieve his son at Thorney when he heard that the and East Anglian Danes were besieging and an unnamed stronghold on the shore