Drosk online. The neuropeptide Drosulfakinin regulates social isolation

Several of these transcripts have been identified in previous studies , albeit under different conditions e Given that the involvement of Dsk in aggression is quite context-specific — for instance, explicitly ruled out involvement of Dsk in aggression of group-housed flies — it is perhaps unsurprising that it was not found in several of the screens
Finally, we would note that new roles have recently been proposed for transcripts annotated as encoding antimicrobial peptides e Wilcoxon rank-sum , Kruskal—Wallis and Student's t-tests of significance, as appropriate

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The neuropeptide Drosulfakinin regulates social isolation
Dsk expression differences were validated with qPCR on head-extracted RNA isolated from SH and GH males
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Dsk localizes to the pars intercerebralis, parts of the protocerebrum and the sub-esophageal ganglion ; ;
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Dsk knockdown increases social isolation-induced aggression independently of overall activity levels Our findings identify Dsk as a key neuropeptide expressed in the PI region that regulates aggression

We thank Karen Hibbard and the Fly Facility Shared Resource at Janelia for help with fly genetics, and Herman Dierick Baylor College of Medicine, USA , Barret Pfeiffer, Gerald Rubin and Jack Etheredge Janelia for fly stocks.

Droste effect
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The neuropeptide Drosulfakinin regulates social isolation
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The neuropeptide Drosulfakinin regulates social isolation
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