Tawakkalna. Immunized Status on Tawakkalna is a condition to enter the following places from 1st August in the Kingdom

Please I need to know how long to wait for my tawakalna to be updated in color? Individuals with the Health Passport must continue to apply the preventive measures, which include wearing masks with frequent sanitizing, following the rules of gatherings, and maintaining social distancing Agree the terms and conditions and click on next
The Ministry of Health can prevent an emergency supply permit for health reasons for injured, contacted or suspected patients The system will update it within 5 to 7 seven days

After that system will send OTP code on your mobile number or email.

“Tawakkalna” .. Saudi digital wallet reaches 74 countries
5 MB What's new: Update on: 2021-06-22 App uploaded by: Elham Farahat Requires Android: Android 6
Tawakkalna (Covid
Upload proof of vaccine, the vaccination certificate
Color Codes in Tawakkalna Application
The Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority Sdaya called on all users of the Tawakkalna application to update the application through Google Play , App Store and AppGallery ; To benefit from the new services provided by the application in an efficient, reliable and confidential manner You can check your status later in Tawakkalna app
Cautiously we returned to normal life A suspected HIV infection report can be filed by selecting the "Reports" page on the home screen, selecting a suspected injury report, and then identifying the suspect for the same amount, or someone else by entering his data or someone else by scanning his barcode and then filling out the required data and then filing a report

Warning: Return to the place of residence before the end of the permit period, and when it is notified, the permit will be transferred to the prohibition red color and make it subject to the application of the regular sanctions.

Update Tawakkalna Immune Status from Outside Saudi Arabia
Total restriction areas: refusal due to the absence of an account for the driver in the application, the age of the driver under the age of 17, or for those who have a work permit exceeding twice a day or outside the period of work permit or interference with time with a temporary permit for another active driver for the same student permit, and for those who have a pass to travel students exceed once or outside the period of travel permit for students
You have to enter your contact information, the email id and Saudi mobile number, and click Next
If necessary, an individual can apply for the following exit permits: - A supply permit inside the neighborhood The Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia has updated its online portal and started receiving applications from residents who are currently outside Kingdom
Lastly, hackers attack again to get your personal data: If the child is with a driver you must meet the following conditions: - The presence of a child's permit is compulsory

This amazing feature will especially facilitate passenger due to quick availability of information online.

“Tawakkalna” .. Saudi digital wallet reaches 74 countries
The app is not only for mobility permission during the lockdown period, it is for your own protection
Tawakkalna app : saudiarabia
This service is now open in most of the countries
Tawakkalna health passport
- Notices of no return to the place of residence: at the end of the permit period and no return to the place of residence has been returned